Have you ever given much thought to who is the most interested in your business success?  The business culture is defined often by the old saying, “dog eat dog” suggesting we’re in constant survival mode.

When you take a closer look at the Bible you will find God being our greatest supporter and cheerleader.  We were created to be successful, creative, leaders but there is just one catch, we must be inner-dependent.  Take Nehemiah for example; he accepted an incredible challenge to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls.

Obviously not afraid of the challenge, he very much wanted and needed divine help so he prayed; “O Lord…Please grant me success” (Neh. 1:11).  So what do these six words tell us about Nehemiah as a leader?  (Please read the Neh. 1:1-11)

Nehemiah lead four ways:

1.   He asked (vs. 1-3)    He recognized he couldn’t do it alone.

2.   He wept   (vs. 4)        He saw the devastation and took it personally.

3.  He prayed (vs. 5-10) He unashamedly knew he needed God’s help.

4. He volunteered (vs. 11)  He got his hands dirty!

Your business success is as much God’s success as yours so never hesitate to ask people and God for help and put some emotional and physical skin in the game.

Never forget, God wants you to be successful!

Contribution by : Dr. George Cope