What is the most valuable possession you have? If you answer that question by describing things you’re sadly mistaken. At the end of the day integrity is what people respect and look for when doing business and when it’s absent they will notice.
Dr. Warren Wiersbe observed, “Leaders are often blamed for things they didn’t do and criticized for things they tried to do. They are misquoted and misunderstood and rarely given the opportunity to set the record straight. If they act quickly, they are reckless; if they bide their time, they are cowardly or unconcerned.”

Wiersbe’s observation is important for he reminds us of the world we live in whose default is to be critical towards leaders and leadership. Sadly, undermining those at the top has becomecommonplace and expected. Without realizing it those who attack leaders are acting like Adolph Hitler who wrote; “Mental confusion, contradiction of feeling, indecisiveness, panic these are our weapons.”

When your leadership is under attack three things must be remembered:

Remember you’re not alone. Ask God for his wisdom and discernment to handle your situation. Never compromise your integrity!

  1. Stay focused on your work. Naysayers to your leadership want to distract you from your calling and work. Never focus on your accusers, keep working!
  2. Being integrious declares you have nothing in common with those who oppose you. Never allow fear and intimidation to cause you to stoop to their level.

Good leadership isn’t accidental but intentional and integrity is the key!

Contribution by Dr. Charles Cope