Can you tell when a person is misusing their power? Let’s state the obvious:

* When civil authorities overstep human rights.

* Financial institutions charge exorbitant interest rates.

* When a boss verbally abuses an employee.

The greatest leader in human history did just the opposite! To understanding the leadership of Jesus Christ one must be able to discern when power is being abused. Leighton Ford, Billy Graham’s brother-in-law put it like this; “Here is the heart of leadership in Christ. We do not start at the cross and go on to bigger and better things, we start there and go deeper and deeper finding the power, the living power, of that same Jesus. Every day brings a chance to die, but also a chance to rise with Christ. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus.”

Jesus actions show us the true definition of power. He gave his followers the freedom to surrender what they want in order to serve the purpose of God and the good of others. He also gave everyone the faith to believe that God’s power will be at work through their weakness and touch those around me just like he did.

Think you need more power as a leader? When you’re thinking like Jesus you will understand power is in serving not in your position. The sooner you realize that the better leader you will be.