Students of leadership understand the difference between the theories of leadership and actually being a leader.  We can get bogged down in the theoretical and miss the evidences of true leadership.

Take Nehemiah for example.  You can read the story of Nehemiah, one of Israel’s outstanding leaders, in the Bible.  He was responsible for rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls following Israel’s seventy years of captivity.  Nehemiah’s leadership is evidenced by how he organized and administered the reconstruction of the walls.

It would be good read to the story for yourself but let me give you the obvious evidences of good leadership.

Nehemiah was an effective leader because…

  • He knew where to start.      
  • He made each man accountable for his work.
  • He noticed who did the work and who didn’t.     
  • He organized the work for maximum efficiency.
  • He made everyone to work together.
  • He let people try new things.
  • He made people focus on their own house first.
  • He didn’t disqualify people, he believed in them.

People don’t expect you to be perfect but they do expect you to lead!  Nehemiah will help you evaluate how well you’re doing and where you may need to focus so you can develop the maximum potential in your team.

Contribution by : Dr. George Cope