What makes a leader stand out from among others? Most would think their ability to wield power and authority.
Peter Kuzmic, a Serbian Theologian wrote; “Charisma without character leads to catastrophe.” What’s that got to do with the use of power and authority in leadership? Everything!

Our society sees the difference between power and authority like this. Power being the ability of a leader to control others. While authority is the leaders right to use that power.

Tony Compolo suggests a different twist on those two words and their meanings; He says; “Power is the ability to make others do your will even if they would choose not to. Authority is the ability to get others to do what you want because they recognize (through your life and words) that what you ask is legitimate and right.”

In todays marketplace we have mistakenly viewed toughness for strength and we have done so because of our lack of inner security and therefore have to project a brazen image of our selves onto others. But take a closer look at Jesus Christ, he possessed a remarkable force of personality and character and being secure enough, he could be remarkably open to the degree people flocked to hear and be around this powerful and influential leader of his day. Jesus strength and compassion were so interchangeably one that his strength became a transforming, liberating force, not one which frightened and crippled unlike most leaders today.

How do people see your use of power and authority in leadership? Are they afraid of you or do they find it easy to be around you knowing your character would never misuse the strength your position provides.

Great leaders look more like Jesus than you think, so take time to study his life and let Jesus the leader rub off on you!

Contribution By : Dr George Cope