Have you really given up everything for Christ?  Are you operating your business based on biblical principles out of a sense of religious duty or a recognition that your business is God’s business?  What are you holding back from the Lord?

“So when they brought their boat to land, they forsook all and followed Him.”  —  Luke 5:11

 There is a difference between doing things for God and letting God do things through you, seeing Him as Savior and seeing Him as Lord.  In chapter five of the book of Luke, Jesus gets into the boat of Peter the fisherman to preach the Gospel.  Once he completes His message, Jesus, recognizing that Peter is a business man and that he and his partner caught nothing all night, turns to Peter and gives him some fishing tips.  Little did Peter know that the advice Jesus offered would produce probably the greatest one-time fishing harvest that Peter and his business partners have ever experienced. Moved by this experience, Peter comes to realize that the Man he is dealing with is the Lord, and he makes Him his Savior.  Upon making Him his Savior, Jesus speaks destiny into Peter’s life: “From now on I will make you a fisher of man.”  Peter and his partner, without hesitation, forsake all and follow Jesus.  They make Him their Lord.

Have you had a marketplace experience with Jesus?  Beyond His role as the Savior of your soul, have you made Him the Lord of your life and business? 

 In contrast to Peter and his partners’ response in Matthew 19:16-22, in another passage, a rich young ruler comes to Jesus with a request for what he must do to obtain eternal life.  Jesus’ response is that the man must obey the commandments, and the rich young ruler responds saying that he has done so from his youth.  Then, Jesus instructs him to forsake all and follow him, but the rich young ruler goes away sad, because he feels he has too much to lose.

What was the difference between the rich young ruler and Peter and his partner?  Why were Peter and his partner so quick to forsake all, while the rich young ruler was disheartened by the very mention of loss.


 Peter and his Partner     Rich Young Ruler 
 Recognized Jesus as Savior & Lord  Only saw him as Savior
 Desired the Righteousness of Christ  Self-righteous
 Humble  Prideful
 Were not attached to their  possessions  Attached to his  possessions
 Saw their possessions as really the  Lord’s  Saw possessions as his
 Focused on the salvation of men  Focused on acquiring  things
 Received the crown of Glory  Lost his soul


It is easy for us to think that once we put on the kingdom business label and take a Biblical Entrepreneurship class, we are suddenly right with God and can receive His blessing.  However, God is looking for more than just labels.  He is looking for us to follow Him and surrender our all for His sake.  He wants us to let Him take the wheel of our life and business.  Like the rich young ruler, you may have done all that is required to receive eternal life according to the law, since you committed your life and business to Him. But have you truly surrendered your life and business to Him?  Evaluate yourself and your business today and ask the Lord to show you those areas of your life that you still need to forsake for Him.

Our prayer for you today is that God will give you the grace to forsake all and follow Him through your life and business, making Him not just your Lord but your Savior as well.

Copyright © 2014 Patrice Tsague 


Scripture quotations are taken from the King James Version of the Bible.