Biblical Stewardship Testimonials


From Pastors:

“As a pastor I am always scanning the horizon for curriculum that will equip my congregation to live out their lives in a way that will honor our God-given principles of Biblical Stewardship. I’ve finally found something that hits the bullseye! The Biblical Stewardship Conference will start a transformation process within your church that will honor God for generations to come.”

DARRON KHAN Pastor First Baptist Church of Williams Arizona Williams, AZ

“Our Church had a wonderful and blessed meeting with you in the Biblical Stewardship series. We have seen increases in our giving in the general, missions, and building fund accounts. I would highly recommend and have recommended this series to several of my preacher friends. I feel it would be a tremendous asset to any ministry. I have personally been in the ministry for over thirty years and have never seen or experienced a better Stewardship program. Most only deal with giving. Your program deals with giving, investing, and serving the Lord. Thank you for being a good steward of the talent God has given you. It has greatly helped me personally and has been a blessing to our church.”

DR. ROBERT B. PEACOCK Pastor Southwest Baptist Church Savannah, GA

“In my fifty years of Christian Ministry, I have been exposed to many Stewardship materials and plans. In June of 2004, my wife and I attended a Biblical Stewardship Seminar in Orlando, Florida that transformed our lives. We came home and fell on our knees and confessed to God, that while we had been tithers all of our lives, we fell short of true Biblical Stewardship in all areas of our lives. We have never been the same!”

DR. JAMES C. BURCHETT Rev. Doctor of Theology / Evangelist Royal Ministries

“Pastors, here is a stewardship plan that really works!

It is exactly what it says it is, A Biblical Stewardship Plan. I have been involved with both Financial Peace University as a local church pastor in Vancouver, Washington, and Biblical Stewardship Seminars and will tell you that if you want give your people a stewardship plan that is saturated with Biblical truth and that will set them free from the financial bondage they are in, this is it. It has been my experience that once your people are set free, they will give more to the mission and ministry of the church. You will appreciate the Biblical integrity and straight forward approach of Biblical Stewardship Seminars.”

MITCH BURCH WV State Ministries Pastor Church of God Ministries Anderson, IN


“I attended the Biblical Stewardship seminar in Williams, AZ. First, I want to thank you for creating an environment where God’s grace, and love was evident. Secondly, I appreciated the Biblical Stewardship seminar and the presentation of the material. As most people I equated stewardship with money only. But through this seminar I have truly learned a different way of thinking about Biblical Stewardship, and would venture to say that I now view stewardship the “only” correct way and that is through the eyes of God and based on the Word of God.”

TERRY LYNCH Compass Christian Fellowship

“The Biblical Stewardship Seminar Series clearly states how we are to be good stewards with our “His” money. Being mindful of God’s will with our finances makes making financial decisions easier.”

TERRY G. Central Pennsylvania Christian Institute

“After attending the Biblical Stewardship Seminar at our church I found that there is a lot that I thought I knew that I didn’t know. Cultural stewardship was probably the part of the training that affected me the most. We live in world where material wealth seems to always be put ahead of spiritual wealth. The ‘I want and we need’ mentality of many people overshadows their true spiritual wants and needs. We are taught in the Bible “to store up our treasures for heaven”, but we tend to put that thought on the back burner and live for the now. The Biblical Stewardship Seminar showed me that being a good steward of what the Lord has provided; money, talent, time, etc. is something that we need to not struggle with, but instead give freely of in accordance with what the Word teaches us. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend one of these seminars to do so. Our cultural norms can and must change. We, especially those of us with children, need to make those changes and become good stewards of all that He has provided for us.”


“No words can fully express the tremendous challenge and encouragement I received from the Biblical Stewardship training this past weekend. Each of the 6 modules was saturated with the Word of God and was both practical and relevant to the needs of the Body of Christ. I am now more convinced than ever before that the learning and application of this Biblically-based teaching on stewardship will revolutionize any person, church, or organization that dares to implement its truth. I plan to preach/teach it to my own congregation. Thank you for the honor of now being certified to teach it. I am waiting for God to open doors so that I can be a part of challenging the greater Body of Christ to a renewed commitment to Biblical Stewardship.”

PASTOR ED FLEMING Director of Ministries, CPCI

“As an attendee of the Biblical Stewardship Seminar, I can truly say that going through it has totally changed my outlook on not just finances, but the concept of stewardship as a whole. No longer do I associate stewardship with only money, but of my conduct, my words, and my whole lifestyle as a whole. God truly does have a plan for our finances, and this seminar has opened my eyes to things like moral investing and estate planning that I have never seen before. Great for all ages, be prepared for something that will change your life.”


“Immediate impact caused me to rethink my relationship & stewardship with my finances.This series changed my life forever. We are going to change to live better than before.Makes me realize I need to have professional consultation to plan my financial future. —ASAP, and make changes in my life. This series has helped me to invest my money more wisely.Makes me worry a little bit, because I don’t know how to do anything, I don’t have no help, no body to instruct me about these things until today, and I need your help in some cases.Helped me to focus & evaluate where I am with my stewardship & financial management. Caused me to re-evaluate my entire outlook on my personal stewardship thinking, and practices.It made me realize I need to make some changes.Reminded me again that all is God’s and God is in charge. I must remember this in all.Encouraged me to “get my house in order.” I don’t feel that I comprehended all of it; but what I did comprehend, I will act on. Our money and its use is a spiritual matter.Tremendous – caused serious thinking about investments, inheritance and the culture.”


“Thank you for the outstanding seminar! What blessing to learn the scriptural basis for the entire realm of stewardship including the often-overlooked cultural aspect. I am looking forward to sharing that knowledge with others and seeing how the Lord will use them to further his will and kingdom. A faith-in-action ripple effect–don’t you love it!”

GEORGE MASON Executive Director Greater Cleveland Christian Schools Foundation North Olmsted, OH