We sing the song “You are the Potter and we are the clay… Make me and mould me….”

We acknowledge that the Lord Jesus is our Potter and we are the clay.

So are you an ornamental pot or a serving pot?
Isaiah 64:8 and Jeremiah 18:5-6 are examples of scriptures that clearly state that He is the Potter and we are the clay. He makes each one of us unique but with one goal – to be His disciples. When we accept the Lord as our Saviour, we commit to be part of His great commission. But how many of us are truly committed to this great commission on daily basis as a way of life?

Let’s look at it another way.. Lord Jesus is the River of Live. We are like canals attached to this river. Our mission in life and at marketplace and neighborhood is to draw this water from the River of Live as a canal and nourish the parched souls and bring the good news.

Likewise as a pot, we are made to be filled with His living water and quench the thirst of those lost in the marketplace and our neighborhood.

So are you content on being just an ornament just attending church, being a good Christian and be a show piece or be the salt that the Lord wants you to be?

Our prayer for you today is that you will trust God to fullfil the mission He called you to fullfil.

Be Blessed

Mathew Avadiar