How do you know you are a leader? Your job description? The placard by the door to your office? Let me give you a simple test as to whether or not you’re a leader. Look behind you and see if anyone is following!
Don’t be deceived by all the guru’s of published materials. They all have their opinion of what leaders are and looks like but when it all bowels down, leaders are influencers! Either positively or negatively, we impact people from the break room to the conference room.

Calvin Miller suggests in The Empowered Leader four axioms every effective leader knows and practices:

1. Nothing happens by accident.

To live by chance is to be fatalistic believing ultimately there is no order or One who directs our life path. Fatalistic leaders lead fatalistically!

2. Never sidestep challenges.

The difference between a coward and a conquer is simple; a decision! A coward runs from issues but a conquer will address it head on.

3. Love people, use things.

Don’t believe those who will tell you that you must make your followers fear you to be effective. Every great leader was loved by those who followed them, never feeling used but valued and even celebrated. Leaders love and in return receive respect.

4. Don’t celebrate leisure and condemn hard work.

Leaders establish the attitude and motivation of the work environment.

Subordinates will always follow your lead.

Leaders understand the spotlight is first on them and their results in both life and business will define them.